Eine Schrift für Orientierungs- und Leitsysteme

Fontsmith veröffentlicht eine neue Schrift, die extra für Orientierungs- und Leitsysteme gestaltet wurde. Das Design von FS Millbank stammt von Stuart de Rozario, der seine Arbeit folgendermaßen beschreibt: “My ambition for FS Millbank was to analyse the specific requirements of wayfinding in today’s world. Pace, volume of traffic and technological changes have all altered the way travellers absorb information. I designed FS Millbank to meet the needs of these functional specifics yet to have a unique character. The kind of personality that stems from Fontsmith’s overall philosophical outlook and sensibilities.”

Aus der Beschreibung von Fontsmith heist es: FS Millbank is exceptionally legible, providing the perfect solution whenever optimum clarity is absolutely essential. FS Millbank works in scenarios of challenging legibility and fast-paced environments, combating issues such as distance, blur, glow and sharp-angled views. 

Stuart’s rigorous investigative approach revealed key issues that impact on this type of font. Often glyphs in the character sets can compromise legibility at distance and in situations with restricted views. These issues have been addressed by opening up the characters, whilst maintaining the overall line length. To compensate for the blur and glow, FS Millbank comes in two versions, standard and Negative.

The overall result is a font with its own distinctive beauty. It flows exquisitely, is defiantly human and brims with personality. Yet fundamentally, it’s utterly legible and expertly crafted for pure clarity.

FS Millbank Icon is a complementary iconfont. Comprising 172 icons designed to work specifically with the font, FS Millbank Icon is offered as a free addition to the font family. 

To find out more about FS Millbank, test-drive the weights and view its full character set, visit fontsmith.com. Or alternatively, visit the special FS Millbank microsite with extra details, additional information and the more detailed story of the typeface design.F

Foundry: Fontsmith 
Designer: Stuart de Rozario
Veröffentlichung: Januar 2015
Format: OpenType
Schnitte: Light, Regular, Bold, Heavy + passende Italiens, zusätzlicher Icon-Font FS Millbank Icon
Preis pro Schnitt: £80 
Preis Familie: £250